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Without a doubt, summer in Zurich is at its peak in August and early September. While many of its residents are on holiday somewhere in the south of Europe, Zurich still has plenty in store for the hot season including open-air bars, leafy outdoor restaurants and a dozen swimming spots in the gorgeous lake or the river (see summer special p. 12). And the festival season is at its climax, too. The amazing Theater Spektakel (see p. 18) has a remarkable programme and some of the best summer ambience you’ll experience in Zurich. Take in the aroma of street food from around the globe and the spectacle of street artists on every corner. It’s like entering some secret oriental bazaar, but on Lake Zurich. Finally, Zurich has another ace up its sleeve - the nomadic art biennial Manifesta has taken up residence in the city. Entitled ‘What People Do for Money: Some Joint Ventures’, 30 international artists collaborated with locals from different professions to explore those occupations and their relation to art. The results are on display at Löwenbräukunst and at Helmhaus, while the floating platform known as the Pavilion of Reflections right on the lake is the heart of Manifesta (p. 16) and its main meeting point.

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